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Belgian business management & digital marketing graduate living in Kyoto, working for a social audio app called Dabel.

At the beginning of June, Dabel was featured on BetaList, the place for early adopters to discover upcoming and recently launched internet startups.

The featured page of Dabel on
Aimed at people other than investors and influencers, Dabel provides a natural conversation experience for ordinary people.

With the decline of active users on Clubhouse recently, the future of the audio social market is being questioned. Dabel has been recognized by BetaList, a startup product news website, as a social audio app that promotes accessible, everyday conversations with a priority on reaching “non-investors” and “non-influencers” users.

As mentioned in the BetaList feature, Dabel combats the problems of social audio with “an open environment where everyone can start a lounge, have a conversation and be…

Last update: July 14th

In this article we’ll take you through your first time in Dabel and how to start a lounge, as well as how to send feedback and some of the key (future) features.

Some features are still under development so we’ll update this article whenever we launch them.

Thank you for waiting! Let’s get started.

Before we start

  • If you are a Dabel 1.0 user, please delete the old app first. If you don’t delete it, an installation error will occur.
  • On April 24th we got a little too eager and sent out the TestFlight link prematurely. Please remove this…

After months of anticipation, we’re finally able to release the brand new version of Dabel today.

Dabel has come a long way, July 2019 to be exact. Although the app has seen some changes since then, today’s release will be the biggest update so far. Dabel’s purpose on the other hand, hasn’t changed: create an open place for inclusive conversations, for anyone at anytime.

Invite-only beta test

As you might have read in one of our previous blog posts, at first we’re launching Dabel 2.0 as an invite-only beta test. Here are a few reasons in a nutshell:

  • We’re trying to keep the…

In a previous blog post we told you about our lounge themes feature. Long story short: they make it easier for hosts to start a lounge, without thinking too much about how to start the conversation.

And as much as we want conversations to flow easily through themes, we wanted something to support this flow as steadily and relaxing as possible. To do this, we brought in a familiar friend in a new setting: tags.

Tags are dead… right?

Yes, tags and hashtags in general have been much discussed. …

Charlotte Blondeel

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